Sunday’s should be spent Shopping!

Happy Sunday friends! Today I want to share with you all one of my favorite weekend activities, going to flea/farmers markets! I went to a flea market this weekend right outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  It was bursting with culture and an array of different people.  It is always so interesting going to these type of venues where you never know what you may see.  This one in particular reminded me so much of my trip to Turkey and the Grand Bazar.  They’re all different sections and pathways to explore that it is no wonder you get lost so easily (I did about 5 times).  One of my favorite things to look for are unique decorative pieces for my room and of course… FOOD!  This flea market was both indoor and outdoor.  The outdoor section had all the fresh produce and food stands.  From mangoes to okra, it pretty much had it all.  One thing I enjoy about places like these are how affordable it is to shop for your weekly groceries.  It is so much better than going to the supermarket every Sunday with my family!  You get to try new foods you may have never even heard of before!  Inside the different various buildings were some of the most unusual products for sale I’ve ever seen. There was fish on one end in this gigantic tank, and sunglasses and old records on the other end.  Flea markets in particular are great for exploring different cultures and what is deemed important to them and their lifestyle.  I really enjoyed going to this one because it was so different than ones I had gone to in the past.  Be sure to check out your local newspaper and see if there are any weekend markets such as this one… you will not only leave with some new goodies, but as well a new appreciation learning things you may have never known.

My Outfit:

Bag: (In previous posts)

Scarf: (In previous post)

Sunglasses: Anthropologie

Jumpsuit: (No longer available, try these super cute ones!)

Urban Outfitters & Nordstrom

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