Wednesday Flying is a Breeze!

It’s Wednesday friends and you know what that means… travel talk! As I am writing this blog post I am on a plane looking down at some really beautiful sights, which needless to say inspired me to write this post.  Today I wanted to discuss something personal.  The past few years I have grown a fear of flying, in particular take-off. I feel this is something many people struggle with. I try to not let this fear take over me, holding me back from traveling.  I have come up with some tricks and tips to help you survive your plane ride, whether it’s 30 minutes or 9 hours (I’ve had to overcome both of these durations).

Tips: (Let’s take down this phobia of flying!)

  1. Just think. There are thousands and thousands of flights happening at the very moment you are flying as well. If you take this into perspective, and realize just how common a means of transportation this is, it doesn’t seem so scary!
  2. Keep yourself occupied. This was a big one when I was looking up posts just like this one on how to ease flight anxiety.  It really does work.  Listening to music and staring out the window is great, but what I’ve learned is that it is also the greatest opportunity for you to over think. I have been avoiding this, or at least listened to music while doing another activity and it has definitely helped! Some of my favorite things to do on the plane would be writing (especially blog posts for you all!), coloring (this is one of the more therapeutic activities and being in a plane is my favorite place to do it), and downloading games, shows, or movies.
  3. Meditate. This is a new one for me but it seriously works better than any other technique! I brought my crystals along with me on this trip and holding them while focusing on my breathing not only calms me but puts me in a happier and safer state of mind!

No matter which way you choose, flying is just another means of transportation. I always think of this one quote whenever I travel and I thought sharing it might help some of you. “Fear is not real, it is the gathering of thoughts we put in our head. Do not get me wrong, danger is very real, but fear is a choice”. This was of course a bit power-phrased but I always think of it and instantly feel a bit better. Have safe travels to any of my friends traveling and get ready for some awesome posts in Charleston, South Carolina coming soon!


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