Health Mania Monday!

Happy Monday friends! For today’s food for thought I wanted to talk about a subject that has been recently interesting me more and more; superfoods! I always have been fascinated with the idea that certain foods are really important for our bodies overall growth and health. Recently I have been researching the pros and cons about superfoods.  I decided to go on a hunt to see which ones I could find at my local Whole Foods and if they taste as good as they are for you. My first, and an obvious choice for me was Goji Berries. There are many different views on these sweet treats but what intrigued me was just how much was packed in one little berry.  They are full of antioxidants, fiber, iron, and zinc, plus contain vitamins A and C.  They happen to taste great as well. To go with these berries I picked up some quick rolled oats.  Although oats aren't a superfood, they’re really good for you.  They help prevent heart disease and diabetes and are filling enough to last you until your next meal.  Next I decided to try Buckwheat.  I was a bit skeptical but after reading all the health benefits I knew I had to give it a try.  Buckwheat helps improve heart health, and is a good source of your dietary fibers and protein.  One unique recipe I looked up that I can't wait to try is buckwheat pancakes! If you all try it let me know below in the comments your thoughts! Next we move on to the last two items I picked up to try. Now these aren't superfoods however they are really good for you!  I picked up some trail mix containing cranberries, goji berries, nuts, and coconut flakes.  All of this combined is your perfect balanced snack for after class, a break at work, or if your just plain hungry! Finally I picked up some couscous. I have always loved couscous and this one although was a bit different in texture (middle eastern couscous is much thicker and watery), it still happened to be delicious! Everything I picked up is available at your local Whole Foods.  I want to mention I did not pick up a lot of the superfoods and other foods I chose simply because I wanted to try them before buying in bulk (which is the more cost-efficient way to purchase these items).  I stopped and purchased a matcha iced latte that I figured I would mention since Matcha is in fact a superfood as well.  It was so delicious and matcha is great for bloating, digestion, skin, etc.  If you ever get the opportunity, it is a must try.  It is definitely not everyone’s favorite taste, but happens to be really great with some honey and coconut milk! I hope you all enjoyed this little segment on different healthy food options and be sure to stop by Wednesday for some travel and sunshine!


4 thoughts on “Health Mania Monday!

  1. I love all the foods you mentioned. I recommend you soak them in milk, roll them in cornmeal and deep fry them in melted butter.

    Serve with fried bacon and wonder bread for a delicious meal.

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