Sunday’s call for a Change

Happy Sunday my friends! I don’t know about you, but summer every year, gives me the opportunity to try new things, whether it be a new hobby, sport, food, etc.  This summer I have discovered something that I believe is quickly changing my life… meditation.  It was a bit of a spur of the moment type of thing. I was outside reading and all of the sudden my mind shut off and I began to hear every noise that surrounded me.  From the birds to the garbage man. The thought of meditation popped into my head at this moment as well, and I went for it.  I quickly looked up how I should sit, what to think about, and for how long I should be meditating.  I decided to set my timer for ten minutes and began slowly breathing thinking of nothing but my breath.  After hearing the timer go off after my ten minutes were up, I felt this overpowering feeling of euphoria and bliss…it was mind-blowing.  I instantly was in a better mood, at peace, and of course, relaxed.  I couldn’t believe that in just ten minutes all those feelings could come over me.  The experience I had was overwhelming and something I am beyond grateful for trying.  I am a beginner but there are two things that really helped me to be able to meditate and feel my absolute best;

  1. Clear your mind. If you ever feel while meditating your mind start to drift, immediately hold your breath for three seconds then release and continue breathing normal again. I read this in some article once when the idea of meditating sparked an interest to me and it seriously works to help keep you in the moment.
  2. Believe that the process will work.  I never tried to meditate because I always assumed it wouldn’t work.  I worried I would just be sitting there frustrated at my inability to do something everyone was able to have such a mind-altering experience from. It does work as long as you actually put forth the effort in letting it take over and help you…I know first hand.

Once I began mediating, all these random moments in my life started to all the sudden come together. I remember in my book I’ve been reading (You are a Badass), I all the sudden got to the chapter all about how much mediation helped transform the author’s life as well.  It was crazy.  This spur-of-the-moment activity that I discovered helped someone else as well.  It felt like I was on a path, and definitely the right one.  Later in the week I was watching a movie and all of the sudden it began discussing the character’s lifestyle and how he meditates everyday.  I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was meant to be doing.  Although this is a new lifestyle change for me, I feel it would be unfair to not share it with all of you.  It has already made such a positive impact on me and my life, and I believe only will continue to throughout my life. Even if it is just for two minutes, do it.  Take as much time as you can everyday and embrace this new lifestyle change that I can guarantee will make a difference.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post my friends!


(These are some crystal’s I picked up at a local store…The idea of astrology and crystals fascinate me and after doing some reading & research I went and picked out these four to meditate with.  The orange looking one is known as Carnelian.  In a nut shell it promotes creativity, courage, and vitality.  The one with a greenish/blue tint to it is Chrysoprase.  It brings divine truth and healing of all the energies.  The purple tinted crystal is Iolite.  This one is probably my favorite thus far in my discoveries of crystals.  It promotes imagination and aids you in your inner journeying.  It is extremely powerful during mediation.  Finally we come to the silver-like crystal.  Pyrite promotes willpower, creativity, and confidence and shields you from anything negative in your life.  All these four do so much more and I encourage you to look into all the different crystals to see which speak to you.)

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