Friday’s need a little Flow!

Happy Friday friends! We finally got through the week…Fashion is such a big part of my life and I have the best time showing you all what my outfits are each week! I always thought my style was very unique and original to me, who I am, and where I come from. I love coming up with new, authentic outfits to share with the world! We all could use some creativity in our lives, and fashion is mine! This week’s outfit screams summer! In addition to it being simple and easy to wear, it is also great on days where it is so hot you don’t want to do anything but sit inside in the cool AC.  To start off lets take a look at the statement piece in this look, the skirt. I love skirts because there are so easy! Especially the one I have on. It is a looser fit, just the right length, and perfect for a day out on the town or any other adventure.  My shirt is an off-the-shoulder white blouse that is perfectly cropped for this high waisted skirt. I gave it a little half-tuck and I was set.   I love this outfit and feel off-the-shoulder tops are an awesome look with my new short hair! For shoes, I kept it simple but fun.  I love shoes that are really easy and comfy, yet are styled for a colorful addition to any outfit.  Lastly I chose a backpack for today’s look. I just recently picked up this one and cannot seem to put it down! It is the perfect shade of red and is actually so much easier to carry then a cross-body/purse. i have a feeling this new obsession with backpacks is just beginning. Lastly for my sunglasses, these are just a random pair I picked up while out shopping one day.  They were super inexpensive which is great when you just want to throw a pair in your bag (backpack in this case) and hit the road!  I hope you guys enjoyed this look and stick around for more fashion posts every Friday!


Want my Outfit?

Top: Zara Similar Top & H&M Similar Top

Skirt: SheIn Similar Skirt

Shoes: Target

Backpack: SheIn

Glasses: Bloomingdales


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