Wednesday’s are for Packing!

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I thought I would discuss with you all my go-to tips for how to pack like a pro! I am going to Charleston on Tuesday so I figured.. Why not have all my friends here pack with me?  I am by no means a packing/traveling expert, but I have noticed throughout the years that after transitioning to these packing tricks,  my experience has been a lot more organized and easier.

Whenever I travel I always bring one suitcase and one carry-on. For this trip I am not checking a bag so I am taking my smaller of my two suitcases, which I purchased from Kenneth Cole. It is pretty roomy, has so many pockets, and best of all very lightweight! For my carry-on I recently picked up this super fun and adorable Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack which I thought would hold all my necessities perfectly!

What is in my Carry-On:

Phone (usually this will be in my hand but it is an obvious must!)
Laptop (I love to edit/write some of my blog posts on the plane that way I don’t have to stress about it on vacation)
Magazine/Book (right now i’ve been loving the book, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero… I seriously cannot put it down)
Earphones (for music of course!)
Emergency Makeup Pouch (this helps so much since being on a plane can dry out your skin a bit, I love to have a moisturizer, lip balm, and some powder to touch up!)
Socks (I can’t wait to take off my shoes the minute I sit down and of course want my feet to stay toasty and warm!)

My Tips for Packing like a Pro:

  1. Only bring what you really need plus one extra outfit… I used to pack so much more than I actually really needed. I have learned to try on what I am going to wear each day so I know I won’t overpack and having the one extra outfit in case you're maybe not feeling one of your outfits when you get to your destination.
  2. The rolling method…I am sure many of you have heard of this but it actually saves so much room, and I only have discovered this amazing technique recently. Rolling your clothes up not only helps save room but prevent wrinkles as well!  It makes seeing what you have once your on vacation much easier as well.
  3. Store all undergarments, socks, bras, etc. in the side pockets… I don't know about you all but my suitcase has some zippered pockets on the outside that I never really used until recently. Storing all my smaller necessities actually opened some room for some of the other things I still needed to pack.
  4. Pack your jewelry in small jewelry pouches…over the years I have collected my fair share of makeup pouches that I received after purchasing all different sorts of jewelry. Storing one necklace/bracelet/ring in each pouch helps so you don’t arrive to a tangled mess and a bare neck with nothing to wear!

These are some of the tips I have come up with over the years that have really made packing a breeze. I hope this helps all of you on your next packing adventure! Also, get ready for some awesome new posts when I head down to Charleston next week!

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