Sunday’s Should be Spent at Anthropologie

Happy Sunday my friends! Today I want to get a little personal. I am excited to tell you all about my job. While I am not blogging, on social media, or studying for school, I am at one of my favorite stores, (which just happens to be my job) Anthropologie! I started working at Anthropologie a few months ago and have made my way up to being in Senior Sales. I cannot begin to describe how much fun this job really is. I had never worked retail prior to Anthro so it was like a whole new world my first day on the job. I have to say, it isn’t easy working at a store that you love and want to purchase everything in. I figured I would give you all some insight and fill you in on the best of the best in terms of what to purchase next time you stop into this lovely store!

What to Buy!!

Candle: Aloha Orchid is my absolute favorite scent Anthro carries. It is so fresh and floral that I do not like to burn it just because I want to preserve it and keep it forever.

Jewelry: I love all of Anthro’s jewelry however I tend to gravitate towards their long statement neckalces. They are an outfit all on their own and are so fun.  Plus I get compliments all day long whenever I wear one!

Clothes: For clothing, it most of the time depends. I don’t have a specific brand I love more than the next that Anthro carries, however I do tend to purchase the Pilcro jean jackets and jeans the most often. They are a stretchy material easy for moving around on a day-to-day basis.

Skin Care: Mario Badescu is my go-to skin care purchases at Anthro.  I feel I get the best results when using their products and Anthro carries so many, you have an array to choose from no matter what your skin type is.

I enjoy my job so much and felt it was unfair to not share with all of you. I linked some of what I mentioned above so you can check out what I have been wearing and buying for my wardrobe! Anthropologie is such an amazing brand and I can not say enough good things. If you are ever in an area where there is one you will have to stop by and see for yourself! Until tomorrow’s post my friends… have a happy happy Sunday!

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