Find Yourself a Fashion Book Friday!

It’s Friday and that means FASHION my friends!  This outfit has been such a staple in my summer wardrobe so I felt it was only necessary that I share it with you!  Summer for me means a lot of running around, and that means a lot of sweat.  I like to wear easy, looser clothes that won’t make me feel sticky and gross after only two hours of being out.  Today’s outfit was perfect especially considering the AC in my car stopped working and it was 97 degrees out (it was a bit of a rough day).  Although I admit I did perspire some, this outfit definitely helped.  To start, SKORTS!  Until I bought this bad boy I hadn’t worn a skort since I was at least 10.  Whether or not they are in, I am absolutely loving them.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about your skirt flying up when there’s shorts built in them.  I added a simple top with this.  It is a little cropped just so I can show all the detail of the skirt.  Nevertheless I went for the flowy, boxy cut look, making it easy to move around and stay comfy!  For shoes I went with a classic adding some fun socks to spice it up.  I would normally only get these socks out during fall and winter (since they go great with booties), but I am really liking how they tie the whole outfit together.  Lastly, accessories!  For jewelry I kept it simple; two gold dainty necklaces and a newspaper recycled bracelet I bought at a local market.  My glasses are not real, however I love the look of them with my new haircut… kind of gives off that sophisticated yet serious look! 🙂 I wanted to also share with you all how much I have been enjoying pleasure reading this summer, the reason behind my shooting location today.  Reading was never a strong suit of mine however the more i’ve done it, the more enjoyable it has become.  I love going to bookshops after I finish a book and am able to pick out a new one.  I could spend all day here!  I hope you all enjoyed this fashion-forward post, I will have everything linked below as long as it is still available! Be sure to stay tuned for Sunday!!


What I Mentioned:



(I have had mine for so long from a local boutique, however any top will do.. I thought this one would go great!)


(Again mine are pretty old, I like these even better though.. I may have to purchase!)



Jewelry:  (All my jewelry was bought in local boutiques or from different places i’ve traveled, but any small simplistic pieces would work!)


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