Monday’s Call for a Food Marathon

Happy Monday my friends! This weekend was a food-filled one for me, and I wanted to let you in on a new restaurant I recently discovered that is sure to make you question… how is this not meat? ByChloe is an all vegan restaurant, which I got to try (in one of their many locations) and just happens to be in my favorite spot in all of New York, Soho. I had a feeling it would be a successful meal once I walked in and had to wait to not only order, but even find a table.  Veganism isn’t for everyone, however this restaurant is! If you stop by and don’t have any idea where to even begin or what to order I recommend the Quinoa Taco salad, the Spicy Thai salad, the fries, and of course the mac n’ cheese.  It was all so good we wanted to come back for dinner later that same day!  This restaurant is so unique and if you are open to trying new things, this might just be a new favorite of yours.  I hope you all enjoyed and stick around for Wednesday with another Europe-filled post!


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