Sunday’s Call for a Detox

Oh Sunday’s… The best day of the week if you ask me. I always feel this is the day I not only get the most done, but feel my healthiest as well.  For this Sunday Funday post I wanted to talk about one of my favorite tricks to living a more healthy lifestyle; juices. Not just any juice however, but detox and green juices. People everywhere have begun to realize just how beneficial these juices and juice cleanses are, making it a health kick phenomenon. Here are some of the many benefits that I have researched on why juicing  can have a positive impact on your life.

  1. Juicing helps you absorb all those vitamins and nutrients needed in your body on a daily basis.
  2. In every juice you try, will contain the necessary fruits and/or veggies you need for your daily consumption.
  3. Juicing can introduce you to new fruits and veggies that you may have never tried or heard of!

I have always been fascinated with different bloggers and people I have met who are able to do these juice cleanses for all different reasons. Whether it be to lose weight, start a new healthy lifestyle for yourself, or even if you are new and just wanting to try something like juicing. I myself have never tried a juice cleanse (I love food way to much), however whenever I come across a new juice spot or an old-time favorite, I am sure to stop in a grab a few.  I have definitely had my fair share of these juices and my all time favorites have to be from Pressed Juicery.  This is for the simple fact that I have found I enjoy their array of choices and the taste of their juices the most.  I wanted to give you all some tips if you are new to juicing since it can be a little overwhelming trying for your first time.

  1. No matter what juicery you go to, always ask if you can try the juices your interested in. I remember my first time buying juices, I brought five home and hated all but one. Most of the time they’re going to taste different then what you would first imagine.
  2. Once you have picked up your juices, ask if there is any sort or reward program they do such as, “buy 10 juices get one free”.  This may sound silly but juices definitely can run on the pricey side and it’ll be a nice treat for you every once in a while.
  3. If you are planning on doing a juice cleanse, DO NOT just wake up and decide to do it one day. There are so many articles and directions when doing one, and for your health and body’s sake, read it all before trying for your first time.

Juicing has become something I have enjoyed, especially when I am just out and about and see one I’ve never been to.  It has become one of my favorite ways to be a little bit healthier in my life, while having all the benefits they provide. I hope you all not only enjoyed this post, but learned a little bit from it as well.  I can’t wait to see you back here tomorrow morning for something even more delicious then juices… FOOD!


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Call for a Detox

  1. Love the travel blog.
    Love the juice blog. I don’t know anything about juices. I am going to try this week. Thx for the suggestions. Prudy

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