Make it an Espresso Monday

Monday’s… The chance for a new week to begin. My favorite thing to do on a Monday morning is try a new coffee shop and boy did I find a good one this week! Southdown Coffee is a quaint, sophisticated, and cozy coffee shop that not only has good food but good people as well. I always love the first time I walk into any new cafe, and I become immediately overwhelmed with how aesthetically pleasing the place is. My go-to drink whenever I am trying a place’s coffee for the first time is a latte. Hot or cold, it is my absolute favorite. I tend to gravitate more towards lattes over just a typical coffee because I like my drinks more milky flavored. When I walked into Southdown I knew right away what my order would be. They have a special latte called a maple latte and yes, it is as good as it sounds! I still am not sure what I enjoyed more, the design on the top of my drink, or the actual drink itself.


Coffee is something I have always enjoyed drinking, however I have learned over time there is certain coffees that I am unable to drink due to how strong they are, or if they do not contain enough milk. For instance, most of the time if I am ordering a coffee/latte for myself it is decaf and always left with at least a quarter of the cup empty for milk.  I usually will lean more towards a light-medium roast of coffee as well. It has taken me some time but I have finally reached the point where I know how I like my coffee and how I can drink it without feeling that nauseous feeling.  Coffee has become such a pastime for me, and something I am able to do with friends, family, or any other coffee lover.  For those of you who aren’t positive on what your signature coffee order is, I have a few suggestions for you that just might do the trick.

  1. Always ask the barista their thoughts on the particular drink in question. I do this almost every time I go try a new place. I like to see not only their thoughts on the drink, but what they might do to spice it up a bit as well.
  2. Look to see if it is a latte or coffee. This one sounds obvious but if you get one and really enjoy it, it makes it much easier next time you go out to know which of the two you prefer. I know I have tried both iced and hot drinks, and lattes and coffee, and that helps me find a drink I am going to actually enjoy drinking, in addition to the fun pictures I will take with it!
  3. Try different flavors in your coffee/latte. It is for sure not the healthiest, but adding sweetened syrups to your drink is a total game changer. For instance instead of just going for my usual plain latte with whole milk at Southdown, I decided to go for the maple one and I enjoyed it so much.  It is definitely my go-to drink next time I go there.

Whether you are just going to catch up with friends, or are in search of that perfect drink, coffee is one of the most popular drinks that everyone enjoys in their own unique way.  I not only recommend you all try these suggestions, but try Southdown Coffee as well! Until Wednesday my friends, have a coffee filled Monday.

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