First blog post

Hi everyone! My name is Jordan and I am creating a page dedicated to my life.  I love traveling, fashion, health & fitness, and more which is why I decided this blog will have a little of everything!  I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  Monday’s are Mmm Mmm Mondays, I will be talking about my favorite restaurants, snacks, and any recipes you have to try!  Wednesday’s will be Where Will We Go Wednesday’s!  I will be discussing everything travel!  Everything from what to pack when going away, my experiences and journeys, even throwing in some cultural knowledge here and there!  Friday means fashion!  Styling tips, my favorite shops, plus I’ll be showing some of the many outfits I wear throughout the week.  Finally we come to Sunday.  Sunday is Funday!  I will be talking about anything that might strike my fancy that particular week.  From fitness to farmer’s markets, I’ll have you covered!  I am excited to start this journey and have all my new friends along for the ride… Enjoy!

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